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John is using new skills in a different industry after being unemployed for five years and living with a mental health condition.

From Yagoona, John, 41, took time off from being a kitchen hand in 2011 to care for an elderly relative. Since then, he’s only worked sporadically and for half a decade, not at all.

He was referred to atWork Australia’s Bankstown office in mid-2019 to help him find suitable work that would be sustainable and enjoyable and lift him out of his depression.

His Job Coach, Yousef, says John’s motivation had plummeted as a result of his unemployment and poor health.

“He still had a lot going for him so it was my job to motivate him and to look at the positives in his life,” Yousef says.

John had received a number of rejection letters from employers, so together they looked at ways to finetune his resume and get it looking fresh and professional. They also practised positive interview techniques and connected him with atWork Australia’s network of employers so they knew he was available for work.

He had a driver’s licence, a big positive for employers, and Yousef helped John obtain his forklift licence so that he’d be job-ready for work in the warehousing industry – a sector he was keen to enter.

After just a couple of months, John was mentally ready for work. He interviewed with a local employer from atWork Australia’s network and was offered a position as a general hand.

John has now been working in the role for more than six months and is grateful and very happy, according to Yousef.

“His employer is supportive and gave him some extra training so he can now work in many areas,” he says.

“John’s also received a lot of onsite job assistance from us since he started for which he’s very thankful.”

John was surprised but happy to finally land a job.

“Thank you for taking an interest in my life and helping me move forward,” he says.

At atWork Australia, we are there for you every step of the way towards employment. Call us on now on 1300 080 856 and let’s get started on your journey today.

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