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Jessica has been in a volunteer work experience program at her local IGA in Korumburra, VIC for the past 6 years. Jess joined atWork Australia and she is now happily employed.

Jess had been loving work experience. A staff member from Disability service organisation Yooralla, an organisation that Jess was a part of, contacted atWork Australia for assistance in turning her work experience into paid employment.

Jess was assigned to Stephanie, a Disability Employment Services Job Coach at our atWork Australia Leongatha office located at Work Solutions Gippsland. Stephanie began talking to Jess to find out what she enjoyed most about work and how many hours per week would be suitable for employment. Once Stephanie had this information, a plan was put in place to speak to Jess’s manager.

Stephanie was able to work with Jess’s manager to design a position with hours and tasks that suited her. Karl was more than happy to reward Jess for all her hard work and stated that she was a valued member of the team. They were excited to bring her on as a paid employee, as she had demonstrated excellent customer service and a great team player.

When Stephanie told Jess the good news that she would now be a paid employee, she was very happy and excited. “I love my job, I love working with my mates and making the customers happy,” she said.

Jess has now been working for more than a year at the IGA as a retail assistant. Stephanie stated that Jess takes great pride in her work, she loves to help people and her employable skills have grown. ”I have seen great personal growth in Jess since her transition into paid work,” said Stephanie.

“Jess is an absolute pleasure to work with,” said Karl. He went on to say that Jess is always extremely happy to be at work and that the customers love being served by her.
Stephanie and Jess have regular Post Placement Support meetings on a fortnightly basis. Stephanie helps be an advocate on behalf of Jess when required.

Jess continues to love her work, help more people and make more friends!

atWork Australia and their dedicated Job Coaches help job seekers like Jess find meaningful employment that transforms lives. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to get started.

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