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Jason came to atWork Australia with great experience and skills in customer centric roles, as he likes working with people, and labouring roles, as he enjoys working outside.

Everything was going well for Jason in work and life, until his life took a turn when he was diagnosed with an Immunodeficiency Disorder. Not only did this make Jason unwell, it also affected Jason’s mental health, leading to other barriers to employment. This resulted in Jason being unemployed for six years.

Having been unemployed for six years, and the various challenges and experiences this created, Jason was ready to break out of this cycle and integrate back into the community. He was ready to start afresh.

This desire for a new start led Jason to meet his atWork Australia Disability Employment Services Job Coach Eken. Upon meeting, Eken saw a person who felt isolated, struggling to find employment based on the cycle he was stuck in. Eken could see that Jason just needed someone to give him a little nudge, someone to have faith in him. “Upon engaging with Jason I made it a point that to gain trust he must demonstrate that he is responsible and reliable. Jason took this advice and proved he was ready to take the next step towards employment by attending appointments, increasing his job search efforts, and initiating contact for guidance and assistance,” Eken said.

Together, Eken and Jason found a role for Jason at a local company as a General Hand. The role was seeking someone with a positive, can-do attitude, who was willing to learn on the job and study at home, and someone who enjoyed working outdoors, across different locations. This appealed greatly to Jason and he was very eager to interview.

Jason interviewed very well and was excited by the role. His interviewer was impressed too, and Jason was offered the job. After six years of not working, Jason couldn’t believe his luck and was extremely happy to be back working. “Jason was ecstatic, he couldn’t believe he was given this opportunity,” Eken said.

Jason’s new manager, Edgar, is very happy with his new employee too. “Jason has been a reliable employee since first coming on board. He is interested in learning, completing the relevant training course and what makes him the perfect fit is that he loves working outdoors!” Edgar said.

Eken has seen such a drastic shift in Jason, from a withdrawn, quiet and reserved individual, he slowly opened up about his experiences in his personal life and how he felt he has let people down in the past. He then progressed to a  confident and well-spoken individual and is now someone that feels he has a sense of purpose, all thanks to his new job.

atWork Australia is here to help job you find good, lasting work that helps you get back into life, back to reaching your goals – just like Jason has. Let’s get started today, Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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