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Confronting and facing his barriers, David discovers upskilling as the key to finding good work.

Brisbane local, 59-year-old David had to resign from his previous employment as a Business Analyst due to living with anxiety and depression. He struggled to find suitable work and was afraid that nobody would hire him due to his mental health condition and age. He contacted atWork Australia’s Fortitude Valley site for assistance and was matched with his Job Coach Mykie.

David experiences anxiety when socialising with large groups of people and the thought of the interview process and meeting new people daunted him. His Job Coach spent a significant amount of time understanding David’s mental and emotional state of mind, his skills and interests, and barriers to employment which helped the Job Coach to determine the level of assistance needed. He built a great rapport with the client through listening, understanding, showing empathy and compassion, and continued encouragement and motivation.

The Job Coach organised an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) assessment for David as he suspected that he has lived with this health condition undiagnosed all his life. Once diagnosed, he received professional support from Specialisterne alongside his appointments with atWork Australia.

Mykie’s number one goal was to find work trials for David and create positive experiences for him with the aim to rebuild his confidence, create a positive mindset and manage external stress. David attended every job interview and work trial and always gave 110%.

Mykie also supported him in developing new skills and ultimately a new career path. He completed a Certificate II in Kitchen Operations, with the work experience component being at the IBIS Hotel as part of the Brisbane Airport Hotel Group.

When David got offered a permanent position, he was ecstatic and extremely grateful for Mykie’s continued assistance.

David says: “At every interview session, in person or on the phone, Mykie always showed a genuine interest in my overall wellbeing despite the challenges of 2020.”

“My Job Coach Mykie has provided a positive environment through his ongoing encouragement and support of my journey to re-enter the workforce. Mykie suggested that I attend various workshops at their office and this helped me a lot to rebuild my confidence,” compliments David.

Mykie says: “David has been a truly fantastic client. His continued determination, values, courage and strength has never ceased to amaze me.”

He also adds: “Thanks to David, I can now better understand the emotional barriers, mindset and at times discrimination, clients face due to their age, and how to best support them through these challenges to find sustainable work.

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