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Bendigo man John has an exciting and fulfilling career as a postman ahead of him and can finally say goodbye to the tough times he’s experienced over the past year.

In 2019, the 19-year-old found himself with no job, no money and no place to call home. He ended up in emergency accommodation but still lacked adequate food and clothing and had no way of getting around.

By March, his health issues were beginning to worsen, around that time he was referred to atWork Australia for help. His Dedicated Disability Job Coach, Pam has worked closely with John ever since.

“John was extremely willing to do whatever it took to find ongoing sustainable employment that he could enjoy,” she said.

John needed some support in approaching employers, so Pam provided him with direction. Together they updated his résumé and drafted individual cover letters for each position John wanted to apply for. John then hand-delivered them to employers.

Pam also conducted a session with John on interview processes, including several mock interviews.

At this time John heard from a friend that a position was going at his local Post Office, as a mail sorter and postie for 20 hours per week.

John approached the owners and gave them an application pack. Shortly afterwards he was interviewed and a few days later the manager called John to offer him the position. He started the very next day, learning to do the mail sorting.

Now, several weeks on, Pam says John has come a long way since she first met him.

“John appreciates the opportunity he’s been given, and his employer and I meet every week just to support him as he learns the postie runs and completes the mail sorting at the standard that’s required by Australia Post,” Pam said.

As for John, he now has stable housing and is starting to save some of his money each week.

“I’m so happy to have a job I enjoy. I’m hoping to increase my hours and save some money for my future,” he said.

His employer, Amanda has been very understanding of John’s needs and is very happy about her new employee.

“John is intelligent, He just needed assistance and guidance to adjust to the variation of tasks,” she said.

At atWork Australia we continually strive to provide the best support systems to help our clients to overcome their barriers and secure meaningful and sustainable employment, just like we did for John. Let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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