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North-Brisbane (QLD) based Alex, was looking for a fresh start after recently completing a rehabilitation program. First on his to-do-list was registering with Centrelink. While on route to his local Centrelink office, Alex walked past the atWork Australia office in Margate and decided to walk in, saying ‘I need some help finding a job’. Here, he met Job Coach Emma who accompanied him to Centrelink to get him registered and signed him up with atWork Australia shortly afterwards.

Alex has been homeless in the past and experienced substance abuse which led to a lack of self-confidence and challenges in finding long term employment opportunities.

Job Coach Emma was able to secure a full-time job for Alex within a few weeks but unfortunately Alex was not job-ready and experienced severe anxiety on his first day in his new role, and was unable to return the next day.

Over the following months, Emma highlighted the importance of having a support network to him as he was quite socially isolated. Together, they worked on interview techniques and building up Alex’s self-confidence.

When Alex felt job-ready, Emma contacted a few smaller car detailing businesses in the region. Mr Valet is a family-owned business and new employer for atWork Australia, who offered Alex a work trial. Knowing that anxiety might be present, Emma met the client in the morning before the job trial to remind him of the coping mechanism the two had established over the last few months.

The work trial was successful and Alex was offered the job. On his first day, he was nervous but having met the employer and done the job trial, this assisted Alex a lot as he knew what was expected of him.

He has been working there now for more than two months and his employer is slowly building up his working hours which Alex is very happy with. Mr Valet is the perfect fit for Alex and they have been outstanding in their understanding and willingness to work with Alex.

Emma says: “Alex has come a long way in a short period of time and has done absolutely everything I have asked of him, despite the barriers he has faced. I have seen his confidence improve and love seeing the big smile on his face when he comes into the office.”

Alex visited Emma recently in the atWork Australia office and told her how much he loves his job and how great his new employer is. He is getting out more socially and is seeing more of his family which he hadn’t done for quite a while. Emma told him that he should be very proud of how far he has come. Emma thoroughly enjoyed working with Alex and looks forward to watching his progress over the next months.

Alex says: “One of the best things I ever did was walk through these doors (of atWork Australia).”

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