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At 24-years-old, Tynan is growing in his skills as a mechanic thanks to atWork Australia.

Nowra local, Tynan approached atWork Australia struggling to find a role while living with Diabetes and Insulin dependence. Tynan was connected with Linda, a dedicated Job Coach in the Nowra office of atWork Australia.

Tynan expressed that he wasn’t too sure what sort of work he would want to get into. To find out what Tynan was interested in, Linda discussed what he likes to do in his spare time. Tynan mentioned he has an interest in cars and loves being hands-on.

Instantly, Linda thought Tynan would make a great mechanic. Due to a lack of work experience, Linda offered a PaTH internship, which would allow Tynan to gain some more experience in the workforce.

Tynan was interested in completing an internship in mechanics and with Linda’s support, Tynan started to approach local employers in the hopes one would be interested in giving him a go.

Much to Tynan’s excitement, a local family run Automotive business was able to offer Tynan an apprenticeship.

When Tynan began his apprenticeship, Linda could see Tynan growing in confidence and his self-belief growing also.

Tynan enjoyed learning how to become a mechanic and was very happy with the support provided and the opportunity that he had gotten through Linda and atWork Australia.

The local Automotive group were also happy to have Tynan join their team for an internship. Saying they were “happy to have had the opportunity to work with Tynan and see him progress as time has gone on”

Linda was “proud to see how far Tynan has come with his self-confidence and belief in himself that he can do it.” She looks forward to supporting Tynan in his future.

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