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Andy came to atWork Australia’s Golden Grove office seeking to find his first job since leaving school, around 10 years ago. Andy completed his year 10 certificate at school, however he had not worked since finishing school. Andy lives with Dyslexia which affects his literacy and numeracy skills, also causing his self-esteem and confidence to be quite low.

Whilst Andy did not have any work experience, he had completed a Certificate Two in Welding and Engineering in 2012, and thoroughly enjoyed welding. “I really enjoyed the course and putting what I learnt into action during practical classes, I just needed an employer to give me a chance,” Andy said.

Finding a job was not easy for Andy though, as he found every employer was seeking someone with industry experience. Together with his Disability Employment Services Job Coach Teri, Andy and Teri formulated a plan to find Andy the right job. Teri believed that Andy would be best placed within a small, family ran business, so Teri began marketing Andy to local businesses – showcasing Andy’s motivation and certification, and how eager he was to work as a Welder, he just needed a chance to prove himself.

Soon after, a company was seeking a Labourer with welding skills. The role looked perfect, and together Teri and Andy edited Andy’s resumé to really emphasise his personal attributes, motivation, and certification, as his experience in working as a Welder was limited.

James, the employer, agreed to give Andy an interview and for him to complete a welding test. Andy and Teri practiced interviewing together and atWork Australia supported Andy to purchase new clothing for his interview. “Andy really dedicated himself to preparing for his interview, and he interviewed extremely well – emphasising his commitment, reliability and how eager he was to learn and grow in this role,” Teri said.

In good news – Andy was offered the job, and could not believe his luck. “I fell very grateful, and could not have done this without Teri and the atWork Australia team,” Andy said.

However, two weeks later Andy’s employer advised Andy that he could no longer continue in his role as he wasn’t able to keep up with the other Welder’s working at the workshop, particularly in terms of speed – a result of his minimal experience to date. This didn’t deter Andy though – he requested he could keep his job in a voluntary capacity, to improve his skills and speed as a Welder.

For the next few months Andy would go to work as a Volunteer – completing the exact same hours as paid staff, each and every day, whilst not being paid. Andy’s skills as a Welder improved dramatically, including his speed, and atWork Australia supported Andy with safety gear and other equipment to ensure he could work sufficiently. “I just loved going there and having a routine and purpose each and every day. I loved the workplace and going to work like everyone else, even if I wasn’t getting paid,” Andy said.

It was very evident to Andy’s employer, James, that Andy’s skills as a Welder had developed immensely during his time volunteering. James also admired Andy’s commitment and dedication to working, even though he was not getting paid.

James then offered Andy his paid job back – a great, well deserved reward for Andy who is now into his 9th month with the business. Andy is enjoying his role and continuing to learn every day.

Recently he was offered more work in another area of the business, requiring him to obtain his forklifting license. Andy did, with the help of atWork Australia, and now has enhanced his skillset and certification furthermore, also working in the Yard of the business.

“It truly is admirable. Andy’s motivation to keep working in a voluntary capacity got him his job back. He keeps growing and learning, and I can see firsthand how having a job as a Welder, in a workplace he really likes, has changed Andy’s life for the better,” Teri said.

atWork Australia work tirelessly to support all our clients into good, lasting work. This can include mentorship and coaching, through to financial support for items like clothing and funding training. We truly believe there is nothing more powerful than the right person in the right job. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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