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Anke suffers from a back and shoulder injury resulting from a workplace accident several years earlier. This led to Anke registering in the Disability Employment Services program at our Wonthaggi office. That’s where she met her local Job Coach Damian and they worked together to formulate a marketing plan.

Damian approached Kaye, the owner of Bassine Specialty Cheeses, an award-winning local cheese maker. They discussed if any opportunities were available and he was advised they were looking for a Delivery Driver. Damian suggested that Anke would be a great fit for the role and Kaye was more than happy to give Anke a paid trial for a week despite some misgivings concerning her medical conditions.

At the end of this trial Kaye was thrilled with Anke’s work attitude that she wanted to hire her on a full-time basis.

Together Damian and Anke discussed this job offer, fully aware of her barriers and Anke decided that she would take the job on the basis that she would see how the hours and duties affected her medical conditions, with the hope that it would all work out.

Damian consulted with Kaye and advised the situation with Anke’s medical conditions, and assured Kaye that Work Solutions would support both Bassine Specialty Cheeses and Anke ongoing.

Anke commenced her employment with Bassine in February 2019 and regularly meets with her Job Coach on a fortnightly basis. Damian also attends the workplace regularly to speak to her and Kaye regarding her progress.

Anke’s demeanour has noticeably changed and is a lot happier. She loves her job and gets along with everyone.

Kaye reported that she is very happy with Anke’s work and that she is well liked. She even assists in cheese making much to the delight of the Cheesemaker who described her as someone who always thinks before she acts and always works safely.

“We are really happy with Anke. She performs her work carefully and with thought and is a great member of the team,” said Kaye.

Anke is grateful to be in a better financial position and valued in her workplace. “I’m happy there and really happy I am earning money again,” said Anke.

“Anke deserved to work in an environment that appreciates her work ethic, loyalty and friendly nature,” said Damian.

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