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Good news from atWork Australia.

A new atWork Australia client reached out to the team in Burwood, NSW, to seek support to find employment. The client had been unemployed for more than a year. The client found it very difficult to engage and communicate with others due to her severe language barrier. She only spoke her first language, Mandarin.

The client arrived at atWork Australia’s office for her initial appointment and was introduced to her Job Coach, Vipin. Vipin noticed she was very shy and avoided engaging in conversations with others due to her language barriers. He could see the client’s language barrier was impacting her wellbeing, she was very shy and had very low self-confidence.

Vipin’s first goal was to support his client to build her confidence. He encouraged her to attend MTC Australia’s Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program. This was a good opportunity to develop her basic English skills, which would allow her to be more social and engaged in the community.

While the client was busy working on her language skills, Vipin created a resume for her and was rigorously reverse marketing her to a variety of different positions. Vipin heard about an Employer Hub that was being held at a nearby atWork Australia office in Lakemba; a great opportunity to network with local employers and look for suitable vacancies.

Vipin was very excited and eager for his client to attend the Employer Hub. At first, she was a bit nervous about facing so many employers in one location. However, Vipin was able to support her by completing role play activities, mock interviews, discussed interview techniques and practiced how she could introduce herself to employers.

The client was now feeling comfortable and had built up her confidence to attend the Employer Hub. It did not take long for her to be rewarded for her hard work and courage of moving out of her comfort zone to attend the Employer Hub. One of the employers was so impressed, they offered her a full-time position as a Sewing Machinist. The client was so thrilled about the opportunity and grateful for the support from her Job Coach, Vipin.

She returned to the office to share the good news and thank him for showing faith in her. Vipin said, “I was super happy and excited with the outcome. She is looking forward to her new role and journey to a successful career.”

 “I am super happy and excited about the outcome.” – Vipin, atWork Australia Job Coach

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