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Good news from atWork Australia.

KSI Industries (KSI Sawmill) started working with employment services providers when they had difficulties finding staff to fill their available roles.

Since then, they haven’t looked back and still look to employment services for assistance to find skilled and reliable staff.

KSI Sawmill said it’s how well atWork Australia’s Employer Engagement team know their business that keeps them coming back for recommendations.

“We have a great relationship with our Employer Engagement Consultant. They know our business and are aware of our needs and what we are looking for in staff,” said Sharon from KSI Sawmill.

This relationship means Employer Engagement Consultant Tanya, can ensure we are placing the right people into the right role resulting in sustainable and meaningful employment for both our clients and the employer.

“They fill our roles quickly with suitable candidates. More often those candidates become long term and part of our work family.”

Sharon also said it was the extra support atWork Australia provides to ensure clients start work job ready that reduces pressure on the employer.

“They find us the right candidates, then they assist with everything they need to start work. They do the pre-screening, which takes a lot of work and pressure off us. They can also offer wage subsidies for some clients.”

“By building trust with KSI Sawmill and finding them the right fit for their roles. It opens the door of opportunity for some of our clients whose background ‘on paper’ might make finding work difficult,” said Tanya.

“However, as we have worked with our clients for a while, we know their attitude, transferrable skills, and commitment would make them perfect for the role.”

Client Jake* had very little work experience but was very keen and eager to learn more and find a career.

The team marketed him to KSI Sawmill to work as a labourer and he has since reached a full 26-week outcome and continues to at the Sawmill as a now independent worker.

“KSI Sawmill is an amazing local company to the Barossa providing employment opportunities to the locals. By trusting atWork Australia to find them suitable candidates, this allows them to get on with the job at hand which is running the day to day of the Sawmill,” said Tanya.

*Name changed for privacy

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