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How to be a mental health ally.

To raise awareness of the importance of mentally healthy workplaces this Mental Health Awareness Month, atWork Australia will be hosting a virtual event for key workers in the employment sector. The event will cover common causes of mental ill health and strategies to prevent this occurring in the workplace.

Mental Health Awareness Month is celebrated each October and encourages all of us to think about our mental health and wellbeing, regardless of whether we have a lived experience of a mental health condition or not.

Every year, atWork Australia supports tens of thousands of clients living with disability, injury, or health condition, or those who require additional support, to find meaningful work that reflects their interests and goals. This includes those experiencing mental health challenges.

“atWork Australia knows that the relationship between mental health and unemployment is complex and cyclical, as ill-health can be a cause of unemployment, and unemployment can also cause anxiety or similar disorders,” says Galit Bailey, a Psychologist and Principal Advisor at atWork Australia.

“atWork Australia’s core belief is that work is for everyone. We believe sustainable employment is in itself a mental health intervention, as it enhances overall wellbeing,” says Galit.

The event was hosted virtually on October 18th and was attended by 30 representing a broad range of organisations from the public and private sector. A second event is scheduled for October 26th and will be attended by 46.

You can read the article online here.

atWork Australia supports employers in recruiting and retaining neurodivergent workers, including diversity awareness training.

atWork Australia is committed to providing employment support with a focus on mental health, helping workers and employers alike. To learn more about how atWork Australia can support your business, visit

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