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Hayden Dutch with Soft Landing Manager, Evan Cocks
Hayden Dutch with Soft Landing Manager, Evan Cocks

24-year-old Wanneroo resident Hayden Dutch is the happy recipient of the atWork Australia’s 6000th jobseeker title and has paved the way for other jobseekers.

Hayden was unemployed for eight months before starting a Work for the Dole program at Soft Landing, a non-profit mattress recycling social enterprise. Hayden was placed in the program in 2016 by atWork Australia’s Wanneroo office, one of many branches in Western Australia.

After completing just 6 weeks in the program Soft Landing Manager Evan Cocks offered Hayden a casual position, which has since increased to full-time hours, and has opened the door for more jobseekers to join Soft Landing’s team.

“atWork Australia helped us find someone who can pick up a few good skills and is dedicated and committed to get back into work and that’s one of the many reasons we run the Work for the Dole program,” Mr Cocks said.

“Soft Landing plans to start a new Work for the Dole project with atWork Australia in 2017 as it was so successful. atWork Australia has been a good source of securing experienced and competent jobseekers for our practical warehouse environment,” Mr Cocks said.

Soft Landing is a nationwide recycling social enterprise and part of Resource Recovery Australia.

“Our motto is waste to wages. Its concept is to give people who are experiencing disadvantage the opportunity to create their own economic and social livelihoods within the waste industry,” said Mr Cocks who manages trainees, jobactive participants and staff to support the recycling business that aims to divert waste from landfill.

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