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AccessAbility Day 2018

Are you a jobseeker looking to explore career opportunities through one day attendance at a company you aspire to join, or within an industry you aspire to work in? Or, are you an employer looking to connect with people with disability to see what they have to offer as an employee at your business? AccessAbility Day is a good chance for both jobseekers and employers to meet and see what you can offer each other.

From Monday 26 November to Friday 30 November 2018, in the week leading up to the annual United Nation’s International Day of People with Disability on 3 December, atWork Australia will be proudly partaking in AccessAbility Day. We can support you participate in AccessAbility Day as a jobseeker or as an employer, call us on 1300 080 856 to find out more.

AccessAbility Day is an Australian Government initiative that allows employers to connect with jobseekers with disability, who are current and active Disability Employment Services (DES) participants looking for work, to see their potential in the workplace. Employers can explore the concept of employing a jobseeker with disability, while also providing an opportunity for participants to gain an insight into a particular job or type of work.

Jobseekers and employers can be involved in AccessAbility Day on any one day of this week of 26 to 30 November, at a time that suits you both. Please note the opportunity is only for one day within this week and is unpaid.


AccessAbility Day is a great opportunity for jobseekers to explore jobs they aspire to work in, or hadn’t thought they could work in before. It’s a chance to show your skills and professionalism in a work environment, explore career changes, re-enter a field after time away from it, and so on. AccessAbility Day is a great opportunity to explore your career goals. Please call us today on 1300 080 856, or email us on, to find out more about how we can support you to participate in AccessAbility Day and trial working somewhere you aspire to gain employment, or within an industry you aspire to work in.
Please note, you need to apply to participate in AccessAbility Day with atWork Australia by Tuesday 20 November, 2018.


If you are an employer looking to employ people living with disability, and want to see the potential jobseekers with disability can bring to the workplace, please call us on  1300 080 856, and we can discuss how we can make this recruitment process seamless and effective for you. An employer can host as many one day placements for as many job types as they are able to provide within their organisation. We would organise all placements, including insurance. It really is a seamless and simple process for you to experience working with a DES provider to recruit employees, accessing the full talent pool.

To find out more information or to participate in AccessAbility Day, please call us today on 1300 080 856 , or email us at


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