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atWork Australia is excited to partner with Dress for Success Sydney to support our female, transgender and non-binary clients to improve their confidence at interviews and at work.

Dress for Success Sydney is part of a global network. They empower women to obtain economic independence by providing them with work appropriate attire, job support mentoring, access to career development workshops and a supportive network to enable them to move forward and achieve self-sufficiency through employment.

atWork Australia’s Operations Manager for East Coast Workforce Australia Operations, Cody Beavis sees firsthand the difference confidence makes in our clients’ journey to employment.

“Many of our clients feel anxious or nervous when they land an interview. They may not have had an interview in a number of years, have young children, experienced recent changes to their living and marital status or have anxiety associated with job interviews. Feeling confident in their appearance helps transform our clients and helps them to thrive in their interviews,” said Cody.

“Dress for Success is more than just providing an outfit for the interview. They help with styling and supporting our clients to feel encouraged, looking forward to their future opportunities and starting a meaningful career.”

An atWork Australia client was recently supported through the partnership and said the program helped her to have the right mindset to attend interviews.

“They showed me how to dress to give me the right mindset to attend interviews in an office environment. They were friendly and listened to my likes and dislikes and were happy to work with me to achieve the right outfit for me. I even got a pre-loved Prada bag!” she said.

“They have given me more confidence and I have now reworked my whole wardrobe. It was a great experience and one I would recommend to everyone.”

”Dress for Success Sydney is very pleased to be  working with atWork Australia, helping women to present their best self with confidence, providing them support with styling for interviews, and if they can’t come into our showrooms  we offer our virtual styling service ” said Leisa, Dress for Success Sydney CEO.

“Our clients come from all walks of life and have often been through a great deal before even walking through our doors; we have dressed women who have escaped domestic violence with only the clothes on their back, we’ve recently supported refugee women restarting their lives, we’ve supported women who’ve been out of work for years and need to build the confidence to re-enter the workforce. Giving a chance to women across all facets of life and circumstance without any discrimination has always been our goal.”

Dress for Success Sydney have a showroom in Marrickville, Newcastle-Hunter and Port Kembla. atWork Australia clients will be connected with the showrooms when they are ready for work and live in the nearby area. For those who may live a little far away or have troubles attending in person they can meet a Stylist virtually and have their choices sent to them via post.

If you are an atWork Australia client in Sydney and have a job interview lined up, or need a professional outfit for work, please ask your Job Coach for more information.

To learn more about Dress for Success Sydney, please visit their website:

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