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Tyson stands in his blue work shirt. Either side of him are atWork Australia team members Jessica and Priscilla. Quote reads After many failed job applications, it knocked my confidence, and I was battling anxiety.  I am grateful to atWork Australia for their direction and support

Self-confidence and social anxiety were barriers that 23-year-old, Workforce Australia client, Tyson, navigated daily.  He began working with the atWork Australia team in Joondalup, WA, to find support on his journey to employment.

“Tyson’s battle with not measuring up and his social anxiety were impacting his ability to find employment,” said his Job Coach, Priscilla.

“I learnt he was a wonderful person who was open to ideas and support in order to get him to where he wanted to be with his employment goals.”

Together, Tyson and Priscilla made a plan to help him progress to employment. The first part of the plan included helping Tyson to have an up-to-date resume, and to participate in a group session called Positivum. Positivum is a program designed in conjunction with Monash University to address barriers in perceptions to working, while the small group activity helped Tyson ease into social situations.

Another part of that plan was for Tyson to attend an internal ‘marketing week’ with atWork Australia.

‘Marketing week’ is a term used by the local team where they focus on advocating and promoting our clients to local employers based on the clients’ goals, interests, and passions.

For Tyson, at this stage in his journey, he wasn’t sure what direction he wanted to take with his career.

Tyson met Employer Engagement Consultant, Jess, who spoke to him about his interests and hobbies, learning he had an interest in cars.

During the marketing week attendance, he was screened and coached by Jess, who was able to assist him into a great opportunity with John Hughes Group in the car sales and servicing industry as an apprentice.

atWork Australia supported Tyson to land exactly where he never would have dreamed, right in the industry that he could not get into on his own, in an area he was passionate about.

“Tyson was very humbled and so grateful. When I called Tyson to tell him that he was successful, he kept thanking me and it was such a positive moment to be a part of on our client’s journey with atWork Australia,” said Employer Engagement Consultant, Jess.

“After many failed job applications, it knocked my confidence, and I was battling anxiety. I attended the marketing week with atWork Australia, it helped me realise that I could combine my passion and interests into employment. I am grateful to atWork for their direction and support,” said Tyson, Workforce Australia client, Joondalup.

Every year, atWork Australia help thousands of clients like Tyson, expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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