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When Shanae first contacted atWork Australia, Warilla, she was experiencing significant lack of self-confidence and high levels of anxiety as a result of living with an intellectual disability and trying to find employment that was right for her. Shanae was working in casual employment at a local fast-food chain, however, was looking for something with stability. Soon after connecting with her In-Work Support Coach, Trevor, Shanae has actively taken steps to improve her health and wellbeing with other supports.

Shanae’s motivation to reach her goals has always been within her. Over the past eight-years she completed multiple courses for early childhood education, including most recently completing a Diploma with the Early Childhood Teachers’ Association. However, the obstacles she faced as a result of living with an intellectual disability, made her feel like finding meaningful employment was out of her grasp. That was when she reached out for help from atWork Australia.

Through the support and mentorship Trevor provided, Shanae has begun to build the confidence she needs to start reaching her goals. With a positive attitude and a positive mind, Shanae realised that “by maintaining a positive mindset, things become much better. I can achieve positive results by being a positive person.”

With her newfound confidence and tools for dealing with life’s challenges, Shanae was successful in securing work as an Early Childhood Educator.

Shanae says, “I enjoy working with children so that they have the best start in life, being there in a happy and secure environment and helping children have a positive start to their education.”

Shanae has been supported through the transition into employment with the caring guidance of her manager, Susy, at Good Start Early Learning. Susy is really pleased with Shanae’s progress, stating “her attitude towards work and her application in her current job is fantastic. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with looking after young children and over her time working at Good Start Early Learning, Shanae has built her level of responsibility; there is a mutual trust and she is relied upon.”

Susy adds, “the In-Work Support provided by Trevor and atWork Australia were very valuable to us when Shanae first started. The open and honest communication is vital in our industry. As Shanae built her confidence and trust, we were able to overcome some small obstacles, which in turn, has helped Shanae thrive.”

Looking back on her journey so far, Shanae says, “it has brought me more confidence and enabled me to realise that I can achieve what I want to, by applying myself and staying positive.”

Shanae would also share this wisdom with others who are finding it difficult to find work that is right for them. She says, “being positive is key, even if you [are living with] disability, you can achieve what you want to achieve. If you find something hard, be positive and put your mind to it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can accomplish.”

Trevor says, “I am very proud of Shanae’s progress in her employment, and also her ability to be able to apply herself to her job in every way, so that she can continue to sustain her employment over an extended period.”

With a shortage of skilled workers in the early learning sector, atWork Australia recognise the importance of working alongside employers, like Good Start Early Learning, to connect them with eager and job-ready candidates.

atWork Australia work with clients, not only through support that can help an individual overcome their barriers like Shanae has, but also through practical and financial support to receive the right training or education that will build skills to lead to sustainable employment.

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