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Family owned and run business, Rayner Transport, specialise in bulk and refrigerated transport solutions, as well as distribution and warehousing.

Based in Launceston, Tasmania, Rayner Transport are happy to receive resumes from atWork Australia. One particular client, Wayne, who attends the atWork Australia office in Invermay, was highlighted to the employer due to his experience in the industry.

Gary and Sarah from Rayner Transport were thrilled to receive a resume from someone who had the skills they required. Wayne already had a character reference from atWork Australia’s Employer Engagement Consultant, Shannon, so meeting Wayne for an interview was a no-brainer.

Wayne was successful in landing the position and Shannon was able to support Wayne and Rayner Transport to ensure a smooth start.

Shannon made sure Wayne was prepared with all the gear that was required to do his job safely.

At the same time, Shannon was able to provide Gary and Sarah with information on wage subsidies to support Wayne’s employment.

Shannon made the process effortless for everyone involved; she provided ongoing communication and assistance, specifically around the safety requirements and wage subsidy paperwork.

Wayne has quickly become a valued and loyal employee for Rayner Transport; Gary and Sarah say he is a welcomed addition to the team.

As a small employer, receiving resumes for candidates who have already been identified as a suitable fit for the company, takes the hassle away.

The team at Rayner Transport will be keen to receive other applications and work with atWork Australia to fill other vacancies in the future.

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