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Bagus lives with Autism, which according to Autism Association of Western Australia, is characterised by the “differences in the way individuals communicate and interact socially, and their behaviour may be repetitive or highly focussed”. It is important to recognise that people living with Autism can possess unique skills and capabilities.

Bagus connected with the atWork Australia Gosnells office and enquired about Disability Employment Service available to him.

Job Coach Katie greeted Bagus and acknowledged his circumstances. In collaboration with Employment Engagement Consultant, Sam, they created a plan to work to Bagus’ strengths whilst also taking into account any barriers that would impact on employment.

Known for being a highly motivated individual who would always be willing to give anything a go, it was no surprise to learn that Bagus was nearing the completion of his Cert II in Engineering Pathways that he had undertaken of his own volition.

This helped him to discover his dream career of working for an engineering company.

Job Coach Katie remarked, “It has been a privilege to work with Bagus and his family. He was willing to try anything, and, in the end, we found him the perfect role to work with his personal circumstances, employment experience and goals for his future.

We are so grateful to MGC Solutions for giving Bagus such a perfect opportunity. It shows there are fantastic employers out there for us to work with and provide golden opportunities for our clients regardless of their situation”

Bagus was provided with constant support from his family while working with his Job Coach, always taking an enthusiastic and positive approach towards finding employment.

“I am very happy to have found a good job, I like it a lot. I am very thankful to Katie and Sam at atWork Australia, they are great friends, they helped me a lot. I look forward to doing more welding and helping the workers in the warehouse,” said Bagus.

His employer Shane commented, “He has taken ownership of his role and is always on time and happy to do whatever is thrown his way”.

atWork Australia helps thousands of people just like Bagus every year to find their way into meaningful work and life, let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.”

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