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Jennifer and Brendan each have a great story to share which highlights how they went from job seekers with our jobactive team, to employed workers as valued members of our contact centre team.

Jennifer came to jobactive several years ago, having been in and out of part time work for many years. After leaving school with no training, she worked as receptionist for a year. She then fell pregnant at age 20 yrs. Jennifer wanted to be at home with her children, but then realised that she needed greater financial stability and needed a job. She was looking for work, and had gone to multiple interviews, but was never successful.

Following discussion with her jobactive consultant, Jennifer enrolled in a medical reception course. While it was challenging for Jennifer to go every day and manage her family responsibilities, she persisted, and completed the course.

Her employment consultant put her forward for a job at our contact centre. Jennifer knew if she got a chance to prove herself, she would be great – she just needed an opportunity.

Jennifer did secure a role, and her manager was supportive in helping manage Jennifer’s diagnosed depression. Jennifer also accessed the atWork Australia psychological services after she secured the job, and this helped keep her in the role. Jennifer found she just needed someone to talk to and to provide her some support.

Jennifer believes that she is 100% better at her job for having lived the job seeker experience. She is more patient and spends time explaining to the clients why they need to do specific tasks to receive their benefit.

Jennifer says: “I love helping people who genuinely need it. This role allows me to use my skills and experience to empathise and assist people.”

Brendan left school and started a course at university which he didn’t enjoy. He looked for jobs, but could never find anything permanent, and was receiving Centrelink payments for many years.

Many of his part time jobs were in the arts – he directs shows, but this was never recognised as work. Before he came to jobactive, Brendan kept on being put forward for work as a cleaner! He was put forward for multiple unsuitable jobs, he was very down, and this led to a loss of confidence.

Thankfully, Brendan came to jobactive in 2018 where his job coach recognised that he may be suitable for a job that had come up in our contact centre – it was his first permanent job ever!

He started off in a part time role which enabled him to gradually gain confidence and build up his capacity, and after some time he was able to move into working full time.

Brendan also benefited from our atWork Australia psychological services which he says was very helpful to him. He continues to access our psychology services, and this helps him stay engaged and give him the support required to continue his work.

Brendan believes he is good at his job as he understands what it is like to be a job seeker. “I can empathise with jobseekers and be authentic in my work as I have been in their shoes.”

Brendan continues to work as a director of various productions after hours, and his flexible work allows him to do this.

atWork Australia has secured two fantastic staff members in Jennifer and Brendan. It is a credit to their hard work and determination to succeed, as well as the work of our employment consultants in knowing where and how to place people in the right roles.


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