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Brodie is a determined client who has always been cooperative and focused on finding employment.

However, he has had challenges related to limited literacy and numeracy as well as psychological concerns. This has in turn led to significant long-term unemployment, which for Brodie, exacerbated the symptoms of his mental ill-health.

Brodie expressed difficulties in identifying what job he wanted to do, and he sought assistance with the job application process as this, for most, is a challenging process in and of itself.

atWork Australia Campbelltown Job Coach Sarah, suggested an apprenticeship as this would provide him with the experience and qualifications that he would need to get into the job that he wanted.

Brodie had already completed an auto mechanic and panel beating course through school and has always been a keen car enthusiast. He often dreamed about doing an apprenticeship.

Job Coach Sarah collaborated with Brodie to find him a supportive workplace that was understanding of his circumstances and barriers to learning. He frequently attended the office for assistance with the induction and online training.

Sarah helped him to identify a suitable job that he would enjoy and would realistically be able to carry out. Sarah made contact with several employers in the region and advocated for Brodie on his behalf.

Sarah spoke of his skills, interests and further helped him to complete the apprenticeship application process. An employer gave Brodie a shot in their company as they saw his determination.

Sarah remarked, “Brodie was very excited to start his new job. He felt welcomed and that his hard work had finally got him a step closer to where he wanted to be.”

Sarah added, “Brodie has always been appreciative of the assistances and ideas toward managing his barriers. We have worked closely together and celebrated every achievement toward his goal.”

Brodie said, “Sarah helped me to find my apprenticeship and I am getting to know the team and really enjoying the job. I feel supported and encouraged.”

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