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Vendii Pty Ltd are a small sales company based in Melbourne, Victoria, and currently employ 15 staff.

Vendii Sales Associate, Annie, contacted atWork Australia via an email enquiry form and was connected with Employer Engagement Consultant, Nicole.

Nicole spent time to get to know the company and understand from Annie what requirements they had, what the culture was like and what skills they were looking for. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it challenging for Annie to recruit staff and working with atWork Australia means she can be introduced to candidates who have been pre-screened and who are a suitable match for the company.

Annie discussed the requirements Vendii had for a sales associate, working from home. Nicole emailed the resume of Mostapha, who she had previously spoken to and felt he would be well suited for the role. Mostapha was very enthusiastic for the role and shortly after meeting the employer, Mostapha commenced employment with Vendii.

Another benefit for Annie engaging the services of atWork Australia and building a relationship with Nicole is the Post Placement Support offered. This ensures that clients are settling in well to the role, and support with any questions, queries or modifications that are required. Annie and Nicole were also able to discuss Mostapha’s work performance to ensure he was provided with the necessary training to succeed in his role.

Annie said, “Mostapha is friendly and easy to get along with. He has adapted to the Vendii work culture really quickly. He has been willing to take feedback on board to improve his performance at work.”

Employer Engagement Consultant, Nicole, says, “I appreciate the support and understanding that Annie has towards Mostapha and the barriers atWork Australia clients have towards employment. Annie has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to an ongoing employment partnership.”

Vendii understands the importance of employment for people living with disability, injury or health condition and values the different skills and abilities they bring to a role. Vendii is happy to provide the required training and support to help their team thrive.

Looking for great talent to join your workplace? atWork Australia’s Government funded employment service is here to help. Get in touch today to find out more 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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