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Business owner ensures that atWork Australia clients are being set up for success

Hong Kong Chef is a Yum Cha restaurant that has recently opened its doors to the people of Shellharbour and the broader Illawarra community.

It goes without saying that, Jackson, the owner of the establishment, has an extremely busy workload. He has over 100 staff members across all restaurants.

Jackson (pictured) was able to delegate the employee screening process to the atWork Australia team and for no charge as this is a Government funded program. Jackson utilised the wage subsidies that were available to a selection of Disability Employment Service’s clients that he recruited.

He says that this has helped support the business, which in turn supports the clients and allows for a positive outlook for all stakeholders.

Jackson remarked, “I like to employ people from your provider because I like to see all people working with each other. I like helping them to see them happy with their job, they also help and support my company a lot.”

Jackson has recruited over a dozen clients from atWork Australia so far and this client base is showing continued growth.

All of the clients who have been recruited have had positive feedback about their work at Hong Kong Chef.

Many have said that they feel supported, comfortable and feel like they have developed lasting friendships with their colleagues.

Employer Engagement Consultant Sharina said that, clients who have been employed by Jackson were satisfied in that, they have been given the hours that they were promised and are being trained to ensure that they are set up for success.

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