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Elizabeth came to  atWork Australia Hamilton Hill with an extensive background in teaching.

She was not sure as to what other pathways she could take to expand her experience and what other roles she could pursue.

The reason that Elizabeth was looking for a change was because she lives with mental health challenges that prevent her from returning to teaching. Regardless, she was determined to find another form of employment that would not have a negative impact on her barriers.

Elizabeth was not sure what pathway she could take. Her uncertainty would only compound her mental health concerns.

It was with the aid of atWork Australia Job Coach Victoria, that Elizabeth was introduced to the Jobs Now Program. Elizabeth was also advocated to employers through negotiations with employers, facilitated by Victoria. This opened up a whole new world of opportunities.

Job Coach Victoria made a concerted effort to ensure that Elizabeth was encouraged and supported throughout her renewed journey.

Victoria said, “Elizabeth is a very determined person who is very interested in looking for suitable roles. It was an easy and fulfilling journey for both myself and the client” she added, “I was very happy to see Elizabeth’s progress from when I first met her to now that she found employment. Elizabeth is a very easy-going client and was very determined to find employment again. I really enjoyed working with Elizabeth and very pleased to see that she found a role that she likes and is suitable for her.”

It was not long before their collaboration saw Elizabeth find employment that was suitable for her condition. The company is Mosaic Brands Limited located in Spearwood WA. Owner Ivana is a first-time user of Disability Employment Services.

Elizabeth was very excited and nervous at the prospect of starting something new. Job Coach Victoria said, “It was very heart-warming to see her reaction.” She also added that she found her Job Coach to be very helpful and would always make time for her whenever she required help or clarification.”

Elizabeth remarked, “Victoria my Job Coach was amazing. She was available when I needed help. Along with others in her team, Victoria successfully found me a job within a few weeks and I’m now going to be a manager!”

atWork Australia helps thousands of people just like Elizabeth every year to find their way into meaningful work and life, let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856  or enquire online

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