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Saitta stands with her arm around Job Coach Liliana. Quote reads ParentsNext is helping me to regain my confidence and to better myself for the future.

“Saitta’s story is about small little steps that make her more confident with her future goals,” said Job Coach, Liliana, from the ParentsNext team in Armadale, Western Australia.

Saitta is a young Indigenous parent of two lovely little girls. Her goal was to have some goals for her future once her youngest started pre-primary school.

With limited work experience, and finishing school in year 10, Saitta was unsure of her future career pathway.

Liliana first connected Saitta with playgroups, rhyme time, and other activities available at her local library, to help her connect with other young mothers.

Saitta wasn’t sure what her goals were, so they started by doing a career quiz where the result was ‘driver’.

“This result prompted Saitta to let me know she had considered dump truck driving in the mines or even working as a bus driver, so we started looking at what we could do to get her closer to that goal,” said Liliana.

As Saitta currently only had her Learners Driver’s Licence, this was the first step that Liliana helped her with, by organising and financially assisting Saitta to start lessons, on the path to obtain her full Licence.

In the meantime, she completed atWork Australia’s in-house Best Version of Me course comprising of activities, and resources on everything from general health and wellbeing to career guidance and confidence to achieve and identify individual goals.

She also participated in the local Bidee Benangs workshop for Indigenous clients, designed to foster community connections for parents.

Saitta has enjoyed connecting with others outside of her family unit and is feeling more confident in herself.

“I’ve really enjoyed participating in activities with atWork Australia, and I hope other mothers find this program as helpful as I am finding it to be,” said Saitta.

She now looks to further upskill, continue to expand herself socially through atWork Australia’s networks, and become confident to search for work in the future.

“We look forward to continuing to support Saitta into further education, growing her interview skills and helping her in whatever way she needs to reach her goal of becoming a driver,” said Lilianna.

“ParentsNext is helping me to regain my confidence and to better myself for the future,” said Saitta.

Every year, atWork Australia help thousands of clients like Saitta, expand their skills and qualifications to help them prepare for the future. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career and personal goals.

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