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Early November, atWork Australia celebrated the 2022 South Australian Employer Awards at the Rydges South Park, Adelaide.

A beautiful evening overlooking the park as the sun set, and an opportunity to bring together local businesses who share a passion for creating equitable opportunities for all Australians through employment. The awards recognise those employers who are actively promoting diversity and inclusion in their workplace. One of the highlights of the evening was hearing from Liam, and atWork Australia client who suffered a major injury at the age of 19. You can hear more of Liam’s story here.

Congratulations to all our winners and finalists for 2022!

A special thanks to Rydges Hotel who donated the Lucky Door Prize.


Our winners for 2022 are:

Emerging Employer: On the Run

Congratulations to our employer partner, On the Run, who were winners of our Emerging Employer award. On the Run have provided a wide range of opportunities for our clients, opening vacancies for atWork Australia and hiring many clients into sustainable employment. On the Run put time and effort into understanding each of the candidates and their requirements to ensure they thrive; this includes negotiating hours based on client’s circumstances and offering permanent part-time hours to ensure employment is secure and stable.

Congratulations to Eptec Group and Big W who were finalists in the category.


Excellence in Creating Diverse Opportunities: Komplete Care

Congratulations to Komplete Care, who were recognised for creating diverse opportunities. Komplete Care are dedicated to accommodating the different requirements of each of the atWork Australia clients they employ, such as sit-to-stand desks for team members working in the office. Komplete Care also offer paid traineeships for individuals to complete a Certificate III, while they are working with a qualified Support Worker for on-the-job training and support. Komplete Care are focused on enabling their team members to achieve their employment goals and thrive. This year, Komplete Care have placed 18 atWork Australia clients into meaningful employment.

Congratulations to Amazon/ Adecco and Westwood Fresh Meat who were finalists in the category.


Excellence in Innovation: Big Screen Video

Congratulations to Big Screen Video for their Excellence in Innovation. Big Screen Video is a strong supporter of the local community, accommodating the different needs of their employees so their workforce can represent the community they serve. One particular atWork Australia client has a Service Support Dog and was finding it challenging to find an employer who would allow her to have her dog with her. Big Screen Video did not see this as a barrier she should have to face and even provided her dog with a mat to sit on during the day. Employment has made a huge difference to her life.

Congratulations to Galipo and Charlie West Café who were finalists in the category..


Career Pathway Award: Rory’s School Lunches

Congratulations to Rory’s School Lunches who were recognised for creating Career Pathways. Rory’s School Lunches are a long-time partner of atWork Australia and are huge advocates for employing a diverse workforce. Rory’s provide employment opportunities with career options for our clients to grow and develop; staring from traineeships to supervisory positions and offer different career paths through their business that can lead to different industries and opportunities. Owner, Rory, is passionate about helping people through employment and finding the roles and responsibilities that suit the individual. This year, Rory’s School Lunches has employed 20 clients through atWork Australia.

Congratulations to Hermitage Produce and Achievement Collective who were finalists in the category.


Champion Employer: Peppers Truck Wash

Congratulations to our employer partner, Peppers Truck Wash, who were winners of our Champion Employer award. Peppers Truck Wash have supported numerous atWork Australia clients, no matter their previous challenges. Peppers provide a one-hour trial and if both the client and employer are happy, the client will commence employment immediately. Peppers are dedicated to giving our clients a go and giving them the opportunity to get back into the workforce. Some clients may have a history of drug and alcohol abuse, experience with the justice system or challenges in life where they just need to be given the opportunity of a second chance. Peppers celebrate their employees; owner, Ray Pepper, is passionate about helping people and watching them succeed, supporting his employees if they find another opportunity in the future that will improve their lives even more. The team at Peppers Truck Wash work closely with our clients to help them thrive in their role.

Congratulations to Adelaide Delivery Services and Safcol who were finalists in the category.


Thank you for your ongoing support and your commitment to creating work opportunities for people living with disability, injury, health condition or those who require additional support. The Employer Awards are an opportunity to celebrate and recognise the wonderful work that businesses do to create a more equitable society.

If your business, or one you know, is looking to partner with disability employment services in South Australia for a whole-hearted and free approach to recruitment, please get in touch today by calling us on 1300 080 856 or visiting our website.

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