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Good news from atWork Australia.

Butler local, Christine (31), was out of the workforce for four months at the time she reached out for support from the Workforce Australia team in Clarkson, WA.

At this time, she was living in unstable accommodation, after recently leaving her relationship. This breakdown led to anxiety, depression, and stress within her personal life. In turn, this made it difficult for her to leave the house and communicate with people, let alone return to the workforce.

Within her first appointment with Janine, Christine unpacked her life, her employment past, as well as her motivations towards work. This time allowed Janine to get to know Christine, so that she could best place her into suitable employment in the future.

Janine also took this time to outline the support that is available to Christine throughout her journey with us. This included the in-house Wellness Services and online self-paced course, Postivium. Christine showed interest in both services. So, Janine enrolled her to both.

Whilst Christine completed these programs, the pair continued to build on Christine’s confidence and motivation for returning to the workforce. They also worked on figuring out what positions were both sustainable for Christine, but also of interest to her. It was decided that a pick-packer role would tick all the boxes, so the search began!

Once Christine felt confident enough to take the next step of her employment journey, Janine put her forward for several different positions, within different industries.

With great success, she landed an interview as a pick packer that she found. Christine was later offered this position.

Within this next phase of her journey, Janine was able to financially support Christine with her work requirements via the Employment Fund.

Christine is thankful for all the support she has received from Janine and the atWork Australia team in Clarkson. She loves her job, the people she works with and her employer.

“I would not be this confident, independent woman you see before you. atWork Australia were a tremendous help and I could not have done it without them.”

“All the help I received gave me the confidence to strive for more in my life.”

Every year, atWork Australia help thousands of clients like Christine, expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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