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Cindy from Bonnyrigg, NSW came to atWork Australia looking to find work, having lived with arthritis and severe stress for some time. There was a time that Cindy’s anxiety was to the point where she could not leave the house at all, affecting her self-esteem and motivation.

Cindy’s varied work history includes food preparation and delivery, childcare work, employment as a swimming instructor and even a pick and packer.

When Cindy met her Disability Employment Services Job Coach Carine, Carine asked Cindy about her work goals and Cindy easily replied that she wanted to work in the hospitality industry, as she was no longer able to perform physically-demanding roles.

“I was at the point where I had applied for many roles only to hear nothing back, which was really discouraging and one of the worst things about being a jobseeker,” said Cindy.

Carine set out to change Cindy’s feelings of discouragement and frustration.  On the same day that Cindy signed up with atWork Australia, Carine assisted Cindy by updating her resume and referring her to McDonald’s for an interview.

“We assisted Cindy with interview preparation and reimbursement of work shoes. We offered to assist Cindy with other work-related expenses, ensuring she was able to get to and from work without issues, and letting her know that atWork Australia was there to support her get and keep her job.”

“I am proud to say that Cindy received an offer of employment with McDonald’s soon after – as a Crew Member,” Carine said.

Single mother of two teenagers, Cindy advised that she just wanted a job and was so happy to have been offered her role. She was also very glad that she did not have to look for jobs anymore. “What she likes best about her job is the flexible hours and early starts, since she has always been a bit of an early bird and enjoys having the rest of the day free to spend with her daughters,” Carine said.

Cindy has also received numerous positive feedback from both customers and her managers alike, which makes her feel appreciated.

atWork Australia can help you find and keep employment that is flexible to your goals and needs, and that can truly change your life. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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