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WCG Cleaning have been operating for five years and hire their staff directly. Over the five years, WCG have worked with atWork Australia and other employment service providers to help source and screen the right type of candidates for the business.

Currently, three clients from atWork Australia are employed who have been imbedded into the team as cleaners.

Cleaning Manager / Supervisor of WCG Cleaning, Mohamad, says, “it is a benefit having the right applicants as they are already screened by atWork Australia. They ensure that the candidates have obtained the correct training, certificates and other requirements to help them succeed.”

atWork Australia Employment Engagement Consultant, Sharina, has been working with Mohamad and the WCG Cleaning team for over four months, discussing the requirements and skills they require from their employees. She then liaises with Job Coaches to find suitable clients, upskilling where necessary before presenting the opportunity.

It is important for the atWork Australia team to set both clients and employers up for success.

Over the past four months, Sharina has had three clients gain employment through WCG Cleaning who have maintained stable and consistent work within a healthy and supportive working environment.

Sharina says, “it has been a seamless experience between atWork Australia and WCG Cleaning.”

Creating a long-lasting relationship with an employer like WCG Cleaning means atWork Australia will gain more knowledge and understanding on what the job requirements are, thus, allowing Job Coaches to put the most suitable candidate forward. This ensures sustainable and long-term employment for clients.

Looking for great talent to join your workplace? atWork Australia’s Government funded employment service is here to help. Get in touch today to find out more 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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