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Good news from atWork Australia.

After many years living with psychological challenges as a result of a family breakdown and domestic violence, our client has been clean from addiction for more than two years.

They have been working hard to get back on the right path, turning to their spirituality to assist on their recovery journey.

The client was connected with atWork Australia Job Coach, Jessica, who allowed her client the time to recover and regain their confidence in themselves and their abilities.

The client had employment goals to work as a Mental Health Support Worker, to support others through their lived experience.

The client volunteered as a Support Worker for eight months and studies a Certificate IV in Mental Health.

By working together and with tailored support, Jessica’s client has become more confident and been able to come out of their shell. They have improved engagement and have kept and open line of communication.

Giving the client the resources to work through challenges and improve job readiness has been invaluable. With stable and secure support, the client has become more confident in making decisions and becoming self-determined.

As a result, they client has been offered a 12-month contract with a mental health organisation as a Support Worker.

Employment has been a huge step in reinforcing the client’s faith; there is a lot of sustenance in community satisfaction. Employment has also offered financial security to achieve lifestyle goals.

After being unemployed for over two years, the client is now thriving in employment. They are also looking to go back to university to further their studies in the mental health field.

“Stay true to yourself and fight the good fight.” – Client, Northam WA

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