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19-year old Andrea* commenced Psychology services with atWork Australia in December 2020.

Andrea required psychological assistance to increase her confidence, manage anxiety symptoms, and increase motivation to gain and maintain employment. Right from the start she presented as a punctual and neatly dressed individual with a real drive to find secure work.

Andrea’s overarching goal was to gain employment whilst managing and maintaining psychological wellbeing. Andrea also disclosed a previous criminal history and upon successful development of rapport with her atWork Psychologist, she confirmed attending and completing her juvenile sentence. This criminal history background also exacerbated Andrea’s anxiety and confidence issues where Andrea had trouble believing in herself and securing employment.

Andrea benefited from the flexible and site-based model of atWork Australia’s psychology services, which enables Employment Consultants and Psychologists to work closely together in a centralised framework so that the right Psychologist is available for the job seeker in need.

It was during this collaborative process that Andrea was able to access consecutive counselling sessions with Psychology services alongside interim meetings with her atWork Employment Consultant. This enabled real opportunities to explore potential employment prospects and options for Andrea.

At the same time, there was a focus on building Andrea’s confidence via motivational interviewing techniques and interpersonal therapy.

It wasn’t long before Andrea secured a position working 7.5 hours per day, four days per week, in a practical role as a trolley collector.

It is so pleasing to hear Andrea indicate her anxiety had significantly diminished following her employment commencement and that her interpersonal relationships had improved also.

Thanks to the commitment of atWork Australia to offer a quick responsive service, jobseekers like Andrea can immediately focus on short term goals, and then move through long term issues, all while atWork Australia set in place the right community agencies for ongoing support.

This success story perfectly illustrates how much help we can offer at atWork Australia for individuals in our community who are motivated to find work but require a little helping hand.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

To find out more about atWork Australia’s Psychology Services, please visit the dedicated page on our website. 

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