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The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic early in 2020 has dealt many a harsh hand, especially with regards to employment opportunities.

Although working, for 52-year-old Adrian, it had a particularly hard impact, as he lives with a severe intellectual disability causing significant deficits in all areas of his adaptive functioning.

Adrian’s disability means he has a short concentration span, is slow to learn new tasks and follow instructions, and he can often disregard his own personal hygiene and physical presentation.

Adrian works as a mail clerk but, like so many others, he was asked to work from home for around three months.

His inability to adapt to this change easily meant his new circumstances quickly became a barrier affecting his motivation to work, and his mental health.

atWork Australia has been providing Adrian with ongoing support for nearly 5 years. Adrian’s Job Coach, David, from the Ryde office of atWork Australia, works closely with Adrian’s employer and was immediately there to support him in maintaining a positive outlook.

Together they began working on strategies to help him cope with the new work situation and to build Adrian’s sense of self-worth.

David coached Adrian in health and hygiene practices and on how to improve his presentation, which also helped increase Adrian’s confidence within himself.

Adrian’s employer, Nicholas says, “Adrian has always had the ability to perform well. He just needed a little extra support and confidence, reminding him of all that he is capable of.”

After a few months at home, Adrian is now back in the office doing well, presenting well and is in good health both mentally and physically.

He is especially grateful for all the ongoing support he receives from atWork Australia. He feels he is now performing his duties capably and has even begun to surprise himself.

“I’m very happy with the support. I am very confident now. God bless you,” Adrian says.

Adrian and his employer will continue to receive ongoing support from David and the team from atWork Australia, for as long as they feel they need it, allowing Adrian to continue to gain confidence in his work and his capabilities.

atWork Australia can also support you in finding and maintaining meaningful work.
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