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When Connor came to atWork Australia he had been finding it difficult to find stable employment. After an extended period of searching for employment without success, it began to weigh on Connor’s motivation and self-esteem. Connor felt he was lacking direction and had no clear goals, which started to increase his anxiety. Additionally, Connor was dealing with a personal crisis and facing hardship, which further impacted his health. Connor made the brave decision and reached out to atWork Australia’s Workforce Australia team in Sydney for support to find employment.

When Connor arrived at the Sydney office, he was introduced to his Job Coach, Dania, who immediately began supporting Connor. Together they formulated a plan for how atWork Australia could successfully assist Connor in returning to the workforce. Dania’s first goal was to try and stimulate a positive attitude and increase Connors motivation. To achieve this, she referred Connor to atWork Australia’s Jobs Now program. Jobs Now is an inhouse employment preparation program, designed to give clients the skills and knowledge they require to return to work.

Connor commenced the Jobs Now program and was connected with his Pre-employment Trainer, Muhsina. Muhsina continued supporting Connor, teaching him the skills to update a resume and cover letter, tailoring them to a specific job application. The pair focused on setting specific and realistic goals that Connor could achieve. They also worked on improving Connor’s interview skills, so that when they came across the right opportunity, he would be ready. To do this they practiced behavioral questions in a group environment, which helped to boost Connor’s confidence.

Throughout the Jobs Now program, atWork Australia’s Employer Engagement team were able to secure Connor an interview. Connor was feeling excited, confident and well prepared to put his best foot forward in the interview.

Connor’s hard work has paid off, he performed well in the interview and secured a position as a Laborer. Connor’s Pre-employment Trainer, Muhsina, continued supporting Connor in the lead up to his start date, by coaching him on appropriate work behavior and what to expect when he starts work. atWork Australia were able to provide financial support through the Employment Fund to support Connor with an opal card, various licenses and personal protective equipment that he would require for his new job.

Connor’s Pre-employment Trainer, Muhsina, said, “I am happy to see Connor enjoying his new job, he was able to hit the ground running with a positive attitude and increased motivation.”

Connor’s story and quote below are a great reminder of the powerful impact that employment can have on a person’s life.

“atWork Australia has shaped my life and given me a new beginning,” said Connor.

Every year, atWork Australia help thousands of clients, like Connor expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals

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