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Having made some previously bad choices in life, Jacob knew it was going to be tough finding work and the trust of a new employer. That was until he found the atWork Australia office in Strathpine, and his Job Coach, Vicki.

Aged 27, Jacob had recently been released from prison, lacked access to stable accommodation, had limited job skills and very little employment history. Jacob also lives with am acquired brain injury resulting in deep anxiety.

“Jacob presented to his first appointment quite angry, frustrated and misunderstood,” Vicki says of the first day she met him. “Jacob felt that due to his barriers, he was struggling to find an employer who was willing to give him a go.”

Together, Vicki and Jacob worked on identifying suitable jobs for his skill set along with handling various situations in the workplace. They agreed working as a kitchen hand would be a great start and the hunt was on for an employer willing to help Jacob with his journey.

Jacob received his second chance from a local kitchen and sushi bar where his boss, Toshi says, “Hearing how Vicki spoke so highly of Jacob, I thought I would get him in for a trial. Jacob was good and I think he will be a long-time employee.”

Toshi is also grateful for the ongoing support from Vicki and atWork Australia, and knows he can contact them at any time should he require further assistance.

Jacob was at first excited to be told he had the job with Toshi, but he started to doubt himself and was ready to give up. But with the support and guidance of Vicki and the team at atWork Australia, Jacob gathered himself and turned up for his first shift and has not missed one since starting the new job.

atWork Australia also purchased a new bike for Jacob to use given he didn’t have a licence and he needed to travel two hours by public transport to get to work.

Vicki says, “Jacob is a very honest person and I think by listening to him I was able to show him he had the support to make good choices and provide the life he wanted for his two kids.”

Jacob has also started a Certificate III in Warehousing to gain further skills and continues in his role at Toshi’s Kitchen at night.

He says, “Thanks to Vicki and everyone for helping me get a job and giving me a chance, it made me feel like I could do something!”

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