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Corey had initially aspired to find work in the car detailing industry. He had even completed a course, but had become discouraged when he had not been able to secure an ongoing job. Seeking assistance and potentially a new pathway, Corey registered with atWork Australia in Townsville.

Disability Employment Services Job Coach Rebecca got straight to work, assuring Corey she could find the right employer for him.

While Corey, whose intellectual disability affects his communication skills, felt his stutter was impeding his job search, Rebecca knew better. She assured Corey that there was a job out there for him, assisting him recreate his résumé and practice interviews to build up his confidence.

It was during this process that Rebecca noticed Corey had previous experience as a landscape gardener. She discussed with him the option of changing direction from car detailing and going down the landscaping path. Corey was so keen to find permanent work that he immediately agreed.

Rebecca, through direct phone calls, found a local couple, Karin and Duncan, who manage a gated complex that required a part time groundsman/gardener. Rebecca chatted in detail with Duncan and he requested a meeting with Corey.

Karin and Duncan have a daughter with cerebral palsy, so they were extremely understanding of Corey’s circumstances, and were pleased to help Corey find sustainable work.

Rebecca provided additional support for Corey during the interview, and to the delight of everyone, Duncan offered Corey the position.

atWork Australia arranged uniforms, work boots and ear muffs so that Corey was well prepared to hit the ground running. As an added bonus, Rebecca even took Corey to work on his very first day!

Corey and his family have been delighted with the support they have received from atWork Australia. The stable employment has given Corey a boost in his confidence and will go a long way to helping him live a more independent life.

And there have been big thank you’s also from Karin and Duncan, who are very grateful to atWork Australia for finding Corey for them.

atWork Australia helps thousands of job seekers just like Corey to find the right career path for them. Let us help you too, call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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