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Corey, a mechanic of more than nine years, suffered a chronic back injury that left him unable to work. After multiple surgeries and physiotherapy, Corey was finally cleared to return three years on, however, was understandably hesitant to do so.

Needing to find work that didn’t aggravate his back, Corey’s biggest barrier to re-employment was his lack of alternate skills to the physical demanding role of a mechanic.

Corey contacted the atWork Australia Strathpine office and meet with his Disability Employment Services Job Coach, Matt.

After their initial meeting, Matt felt it was just a matter of needing to prepare Corey to be open to new opportunities and refining his job searching skills.

With a plan to reverse market Corey through the recruitment process, they prepared his resume and compiled a list of suitable employers who would benefit from his mechanical expertise.

Finally, Corey found employment after approaching DTR Mechanical, a local family business responsible for automotive servicing and repairs. Aware of Matt’s physical requirements, they were happy to support his return to work through suitable job placement.

Matt found Corey easy to work with and committed to becoming employed again.

“Corey was clearly motivated from day one and just needed the support to overcome his initial reservations of aggravating his injury again,” says Matt.

“I’m delighted to see him placed in the workplace that’ll use his mechanical skills and is clearly open to adapting the role to fit his needs.”

Just like Corey, we can support your re-entry into the workforce after a long absence. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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