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Corey (34) is living with Bipolar, Anxiety, Depression and IBS. Corey has held several positions in retail including management, however, he struggled after being bullied by his previous employer and felt the need to leave that company.

As a result of leaving his previous employer, Corey found himself unemployed for two years. After being unsuccessful in finding work on his own, Corey approached the team from atWork Australia Ballina, New South Wales.

Based on his previous experience with the team, Corey re-registered. Corey mentioned how impressed he was with the team, and that previously they had provided wonderful support, and he was equally confident in their ability to assist him again with overcoming some of his barriers and finding a suitable job.

Corey was introduced to his Job Coach, Andrew. Together they sat down in a one-on-one environment and spoke about Corey’s past employment experience, areas of interest and the types of employment opportunities that would suit Corey’s needs.

Andrew helped in updating Corey’s resume and tailored a variety of cover letters to send off to prospective employers. Along with phoning several employers, Andrew also spoke to fellow atWork Australia team members to see if they knew of anyone of their employer contacts who were hiring and if Corey would be suitable based on his experience in retail.

Throughout this stage of engaging in discussions with companies, Andrew remained in constant contact with Corey and regularly supplied a variety of job referrals to consider.

“Corey was excited to hear he had the job after being unemployed for so long.” Andrew, Job Coach

Shortly after their initial meeting, Andrew contacted Kmart Australia and spoke about Corey. An interview was arranged, and Kmart Australia was impressed with the experience and determination that Corey displayed along with his desire to work and be employed again.

Not long after the interview, Kmart Australia contacted Andrew and wanted to offer Corey the job. When Andrew phoned Corey and told him the good news, Corey was excited to hear he had been given the job, after being unemployed for so long.

Corey also mentioned that he was initially anxious as he was about to step into a new environment. Both Andrew and Corey worked out strategies to overcome Corey’s initial concerns and he is incredibly grateful to Andrew in going that extra mile to make sure he was ready for day one.

Corey thanked Andrew and the team from atWork Australia for everything they had done in helping find secure employment.

“They always have tailored their approach specific to my experience and needs, they have never given up on me.” Corey, DES Client

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Corey expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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