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Quite often, the atWork Australia Employment Engagement Consultants will work in collaboration with Job Coaches to find employment opportunities for clients or clients for opportunities they have been discussing with employers.

Job Coach, Sophia, emailed the resume of Sana to Employment Engagement Consultant, Nicole with her background and work experience as a Dental Assistant.

Nicole had been contacting local dentist with Sana’s resume when she came across The Smile Centre in Heidelberg, Victoria. Local to where Sana lives, Nicole contacted Dr Fiona Pond to discuss Sana’s experience.

Nicole went through the service and incentives that her business could access through atWork Australia, from wage subsidies to Post Placement Support; Fiona was interested in interviewing Sana and inviting her for a work trial at the clinic.

Sana hadn’t worked for a long time, so she was apprehensive about what to expect on the work trial. After the trial, Nicole and Fiona discussed how Sana went and encouraged her to attend a second trial to observe how Fiona completes each task.

After the second trial, Nicole suggested to Fiona that she enroll Sana into a Dental Assistant Traineeship so she can complete the practical work at the clinic and traineeship online. A great opportunity for Sana to upskill and gain confidence by refreshing her knowledge. By completing the traineeship online, Sana could work and study at the same time. Fiona was supportive of this plan and as a result, Sana was registered in the Traineeship within two weeks and was able to start work at the clinic straight away.

Nicole said, “I am thankful for all the support, patience and assistance Dr Fiona Pond has provided Sana to help her transition to employment.”

She continues, “Fiona has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to an ongoing partnership.”

For Fiona and The Smile Centre, Sana is the first person they have employed through an Employment Service. Fiona says, “we came across atWork Australia by chance and I am so glad we did. The process was straight forward, and we were introduced to Sana who possessed the skills we were looking for. Sana has fit right into our dental practice. She is friendly, hard-working and keen to improve her skills. Nicole has been in frequent contact with me to ensure everything is going smoothly.”

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