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Quote reads " We wanted to create opportunities for those who were losing their way in life." said Giovanni, Employer in Victoria

Building strong relationships with employers allows the atWork Australia team to place clients into sustainable employment with supportive teams and cultures.

For Employment Engagement Consultant, Renee, building a relationship with iBuilt Group Indigenous Solutions, a national construction company, has allowed her to gain a greater understanding of business operations and what qualities the company are looking for in their employees; not only their skills but also the culture fit and motivation.

Giovanni Greco is the Managing Director of iBuilt Group Indigenous Solutions. He started his career as a carpenter and commercial builder. As his interest and passion for building grew, he found his calling to start his own facility maintenance and building company and is the founder of a well-loved national construction company which was established nine years ago.

During his journey and having built strong relationships within the industry, Giovanni met Gavin McGaw, another respected builder who also shared great passion for the industry.

When COVID-19 hit early in 2020, employment opportunities decreased for many. Both Giovanni and Gavin knew they wanted to give back and stay strong. Thus, they decided to create an opportunity for many who were losing their way in life.

This is when they decided to create a partnership; as the company name suggests, they wanted to find solutions to increase sustainable employment opportunities for the Indigenous youth within the Mt Druitt, NSW area.
As the vision grew, so has iBuilt Group Indigenous Solutions. They have now expanded to provide the same opportunity to Indigenous youth in Melbourne. Giovanni plans to increase the Indigenous employee numbers in the coming months with the help of atWork Australia and a new contract he has been awarded with Bunnings.

“We wanted to create opportunities for those who were losing their way in life.”

Renee reached out to Giovanni to present candidates that were motivated to find work. The screening process atWork Australia undertakes ensures that iBuilt Group receives applicants that are ready to work with the necessary certificates and are a culture fit. Giovanni said, “the thorough screening process saves us a lot of time and money”.

Renee put forward atWork Australia client, Nathan, who said “finding a job during COVID-19 has been a lifesaver. Working with iBuilt Group Indigenous Solutions has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I hope the good times continue.”

Giovanni told Renee, “Nathan has hit the ground running and we couldn’t be happier with his progress.”

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