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Shumaila is a gift to my life. She is like an angel that came to save me. I am so thankful and grateful. Dana, Workforce Australia Client, NSW

Client, Dana, has spent the past 10 years caring for her mother as well as her four children. She lived a very busy life, and this took a toll on her body. She became unwell prior to the pandemic and was unable to attend work.

Throughout the pandemic, she lived on Centrelink payments; causing financial strain for herself and her family. She was unable to afford rent, leading to her becoming homeless and living in a shelter.

She entered the atWork Australia office in Mount Druitt, NSW looking to change her life and gain sustainable employment.

In her initial consultation, she met with Shumaila, her Job Coach. The pair discussed her employment history, barriers, interests, as well as her goals. Dana outlined that she lives with a lower back injury and has recently been diagnosed with arthritis in her feet and hands.

As a result of her past, Shumalia recommended Dana to the in-house Wellness Services to assist with her mental health. She also referred her to the Jobs for the Mob program in Mount Druitt, led by Catherine. The Jobs for the Mob program is a job preparation course aimed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It provides a space for clients to develop skills, experience, and knowledge so they can move more quickly towards employment.

As a suggestion by Catherine, Dana attended the local Dress For Success store to be fitted and gifted with appropriate interview clothes for any future job opportunities.

After her styling session and the completion of the Jobs for the Mob program, Dana’s confidence was at an all-time high. She stated “It is boosting everything up inside of me. It is giving me hope and sending me on my journey. My kids are getting older, and this is my time now. It is helping me achieve my dreams. I am seeing the light.”

Her confidence and self-belief only improved once she found out that she was invited in for an interview for a support worker role at an Indigenous childcare centre.

After a very successful interview, Dana was offered the position and has since started. She said that she feels confident in herself and this next chapter of her life.

“Shumaila is a gift to my life. She is like an angel that came to save me. I am so thankful and grateful” – Dana, atWork Australia client.

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Dana expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals

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