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Quote reads: "I am really enjoying my new job and driving lessons. My life has changed so quickly! I am very grateful for everything atWork Australia have done to help me" said Dania, Workforce Australia Client, WA.

Local Narrogin resident, Dania, is a principal carer parent and was looking for a part-time role that catered to her situation and was something she enjoyed.

When entering the Narrogin atWork Australia office in Western Australia as a Workforce Australia client, Dania was unsure if there would be a role in her town that she loved that also catered to her needs.

Narrogin is a regional town where there is no public transport and Dania does not have her licence or access to any transport; this hinders her ability to get places and affected her confidence in finding a position.

Dania devoted her life to her kids, and as a result, had limited employment experience and job skills. Therefore, upon commencement with atWork Australia, her Job Coach, MacKenzie, referred her to several in-house pre-employment programs including – Ready Set Go and JobsNow. These provided Dania with gaining valuable job-ready skills that she would use in future employment. The Narrogin team would assist her to attend all sessions.

MacKenzie also referred Dania to complete the Wanderer Program, by the McGovern Foundation. This program supports and provides all necessary resources for participants to obtain their driver’s license where it not normally would be achievable. Dania was thrilled at this opportunity and could not wait to obtain her license.

Dania’s engagement with her Job Coach revealed her great work ethic. Partnering her work ethic with her newfound skills, Dania was job-ready. So, when the opportunity for a part-time Cleaner became available in the local area, MacKenzie referred Dania to it straight away.

After a very successful interview, Dania was offered the position. Once hearing the good news, she was overjoyed and very eager to start her new job. Dania could not believe that the perfect position existed for her, let alone in her small regional town.

MacKenzie described Dania as a “pleasure to work with. She is a bright and bubbly person whose continued efforts and willingness to participate led her to take advantage of the programs and services atWork Australia has provided”.

Since gaining sustainable employment, Dania’s life has changed dramatically. She not only secured that job we referred her to but is thriving in her new role. Her employers are very pleased with her work ethic and performance, which is no surprise for the Narrogin team.

“I am really enjoying my new job and my driving lessons. My life has changed so quickly! I am very grateful for everything atWork Australia have done to help me” – Dania, client.

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Dania expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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