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Confronting and facing his barriers, Daniel finds persistence is his key to finding good work.

From Doonside in Sydney, Daniel was out of work for over five years, predominantly due to an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

Alcohol had affected Daniel’s ability to concentrate which in turn, affected his ability to sustain ongoing employment.

Through the Blacktown office of atWork Australia, Daniel was introduced to dedicated Job Coaches, Susan and Sarah.

“In the beginning, Daniel knew he wasn’t job ready,” says Susan.

To get Daniel ready for an ongoing position, he enrolled in a community, non-vocational program to initially assist with, and address the barriers he felt were holding him back from the work force.

Daniel then obtained his driver’s licence which would enable him to get around to interviews.

Susan and Sarah continued to motivate Daniel, and he was persistent in applying for positions.

Daniel knew he was now job ready but was frustrated at the lack of opportunity and he just needed some help to get a foot in the door.

The atWork Australia team have many industry contacts and a role for a packer soon became available at a local factory, which was the perfect role for Daniel.

Sarah arranged an interview for Daniel, which he was successful at, and then attended the induction with him for additional support.

atWork Australia also arranged for Daniel to be fitted with the appropriate workwear and he was ready to start his new job.
Sarah says, “Daniel was so excited to hear he would be starting a new job. He was buzzing with excitement and was ecstatic that his resilience was paying off and he was working toward his future goals.”

Daniel had been dreaming about finding a new job and was incredibly happy his persistence paid off.

“atWork Australia have made my dream come true, I can be independent again. I cannot thank Sarah and Susan enough for the help they have given me,” Daniel says.

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