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37-year-old David had spent much of his career as a farmhand in WA until a cancer diagnosis changed his world.

David was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a form of muscular-skeletal cancer, and had to undergo several surgeries including two hip replacements. He spent the next 18 months of his life receiving treatment and recovering his health.

The worry of supporting his young family and the stress of treatment also affected David’s mental health. Having only worked as a farmhand, David was particularly anxious about his lack of experience in other areas, and his ability to confidently apply for other roles.

David initially found temporary work during the federal elections counting ballots, however, it was only for one month. When this role finished, David was referred to atWork Australia where he met with experienced Job Coach, Lauren.

Lauren was immediately impressed with how David presented himself and his enthusiasm for finding meaningful work.

After several vocational planning sessions, Lauren found that David had many great transferrable skills through his volunteering experience.

David was familiar with radio operations and communications through his work with the SES and Lauren knew these skills were highly sought after in the Traffic Management industry.

atWork Australia arranged for David to complete the required courses and tickets he needed, along with outfitting him in full PPE clothing, boots, hard hat plus a 2-way radio.

David was incredibly grateful to Lauren and all the staff, so much so he turned up with a huge bouquet of flowers and chocolates for everyone.

“From the moment I walked into the atWork Australia Mandurah office, Lauren was brilliant,” David says. “She gave me a crystal-clear understanding of the process, my rights, and the expectation of myself within the program, and instantly started developing a path to employment for me.”

David’s new employer is also incredibly happy to have found David.

“David has proven to be a reliable and valuable employee; he has progressed through the company in the time he has been with us and now has a company vehicle and is responsible for the training of new employees. He is a go-getter and never lets us down.”


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