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David, from Harvey in WA, had been unemployed for over two and a half years when he approached atWork Australia for support finding work.

David wanted to show off his customer service and people skills but living with mental health barriers affected his confidence and ability in maintaining a job.

Contacting the atWork Australia Harvey office, David was introduced to experienced Job Coach, Kristie.

In their initial meetings, they talked about David’s career goals and what he wanted to do for work. David was excited to find someone who he felt was listening to what he wanted, and who understood his barriers.

Kristie discovered that David had previously operated and managed a coffee van. This, along with experience managing a signage business, showed David had great customer services skills and a love of working with people.

“I could see David had great people skills and together we established the idea that a Console Operator role in a fuel station would be an ideal role for him.” Kristie says.

Focusing on this type of role, Kristie worked with David on his motivation and confidence.

It wasn’t long at all before an interview was set up for David with the possibility of a work trial to follow.

Kristie remembers David was nervous but ready after wanting stable work for so long.

“I really worked within David’s boundaries and abilities. He was engaged at every appointment, even when his motivation was low. He really wanted this role,” she says.

David made such a great impression at the interview, the employer skipped the work trial and employed David on the spot.

David was “stoked” to know his hard work and perseverance in planning a valuable future was about to pay off, and incredibly grateful to Kristie and the team at atWork Australia.

“Thank you for taking time to listen to me, to understand my employment goals,” David says.

David is doing so well in the role he has been promoted to a Manager’s position. This incredible achievement has David wanting to continue to support their partnership with atWork Australia and assist others with barriers to employment in finding good work.

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