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With the Covid-19 pandemic seeing the country spend a lot more time at home over the last year, and with retail and hospitality venues predominantly closed, online shopping has taken off at an exponential pace. The anticipation of receiving a parcel quickly became the highlight of one’s day or week.

While businesses notified us of expected delays with delivery times due to high demand, we still had high expectations that we’d receive orders in very reasonable and fast time.

Thus, companies such as Kanwill Transport Services, Melbourne, needed to bring on more courier drivers to support the increase in delivery demand; along with the growth of their business.

Employment Engagement Consultant, Nicole, had contacted Anul from Kanwill Transport to introduce herself and the services of atWork Australia; highlighting the number of clients who have been pre-screened and had the suitable skillsets required for the positions available at the business.

Anul expressed interest in employing atWork Australia clients and has regularly kept in contact with Nicole. His company requires Courier Drivers with manual car experience and licenses, and it helps to have someone like Nicole who pre-screens clients and ensure this specific detail is fulfilled.

Anul said “Kanwill Transport is very happy and thankful for the ongoing cooperation and support we get from Nicole and the other staff at atWork Australia. Due to the strong partnership that we have; we can employ reliable drivers for our courier positions”.

Anul currently has hired six clients through atWork Australia, all of whom are still employed as Courier Drivers. These drivers are playing an important role in helping the economy turn by delivering parcels around Melbourne.

Employment Engagement Consultant, Nicole, says “I am very grateful for the partnership with Kanwill Transport and the ongoing support and employment opportunities that Anul provides to atWork Australia”.

Here at atWork Australia, we can find the right person for your business through our pre-screening of candidates and support once they start working. Call atWork Australia today on 1300 080 856 or get in touch online to find your next best employee.

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