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Ross came to the Warragul office of atWork Australia already employed; however, the inconsistency of casual hours was limiting his ability to support himself and live independently.

Ross was so keen to find consistent, full-time employment, he was willing to move locations if necessary. atWork Australia Job Coach, Carol didn’t think he would need to move, they just needed to work together to find the right job for Ross.

During Ross’s first few appointments with Carol, they discussed his skill set to define the types of work that Ross was able and willing to do. They also updated his résumé to better reflect his abilities and very soon a fantastic opportunity was presented to Ross.

Drouin Concrete Pipes & Products offered Ross a work trial as a labourer and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Ross was thrilled to bits and beaming from ear to ear,” says Carol. “He now had hope of living independently again.”

Drouin Concrete Pipes & Products are an Australian, family-owned and operated business. Their philosophy has always been that everyone deserves an equal opportunity for employment. They work with atWork Australia to find positive solutions for their employment needs, that not only benefit their business but their employees, customers and the community.

After Ross finished his first day of work, atWork Australia received an email from Karen at Drouin Concrete Pipes & Products saying how happy the manager was with Ross and that “he is a keeper.”

“Ross is a respectful, positive and open-minded man, eager to work and it has been an absolute pleasure to support Ross into sustainable employment,” says Carol.

As for Ross, he can’t believe how quick and easy it was to find work with atWork Australia.

“I am absolutely chuffed at being given this opportunity of full-time work, allowing me the possibility of independent living again,” says Ross.

atWork Australia is proud to deliver services to people with disability looking for work all around Australia. Looking for work or know someone who is? Get in touch today via or by calling 1300 080 856.

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