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Jordan approached atWork Australia in May 2018 in the hopes of one-day commencing long term, sustainable and suitable employment.

Living with Autism, Jordan had difficulties in communicating and has reduced facial expression, causing him to lack confidence and making it difficult for him to approach potential employers.

However, what Jordan didn’t lack was determination, travelling over 30 minutes to attend the atWork Australia office in Traralgon to increase his employment prospects.

Jordan was a very shy young man when he began participating in services but showed to be an extremely reliable and dedicated participant.

After six months attending regular appointments and programs, Jordan found work at a local brewery in his hometown in January 2019. He was working many hours in all different departments of the brewery learning many new skills.

Although Jordan enjoys his job at the brewery, unfortunately they are not able to offer Jordan a career opportunity to grow within the company.

With that in mind, Jordan met with Job Coach, Rhiannon to see if there were any other opportunities which might lead to more sustainable employment.

They immediately started working towards Jordan’s goal of a career in the public sector, and updated Jordan’s CV to reflect exactly what Jordan was looking for in a dream job.

Rhiannon contacted local council boards and shire offices in the hopes of assisting Jordan with an opportunity to get his foot in the door.

In October Jordan got his time to shine! The West Gippsland Regional Libraries Corporation, (WGRLC), gave Jordan the opportunity to shine it up in the Mirboo North library.

Branch Manager, Aimee, mentors Jordan through all aspects and programs of the library, supporting and encouraging him each step of the way, helping to build Jordan’s confidence in the workplace. The long-term hope is this will grow into a potential career within the library chain for Jordan.

This is a very exciting step for Jordan and Rhiannon could not be happier.

“Jordan’s reaction to hearing that WGRLC were going to give him this support and opportunity was so exciting to witness. Jordan very rarely shows a smile, and after hearing about this in our appointment, he smiled – enough said!” Rhiannon says.

And it wasn’t just Jordan and Rhiannon who were happy, the team at WGRLC are very excited to be able to offer this opportunity to Jordan and are looking forward to working with atWork Australia in the future.

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