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Sairul came to the atWork Australia Moorooka office in 2019, with limited work history and no education. At that stage, Sairul had spent the majority of her time undertaking home duties after an injury that she had sustained several years prior.

This she saw as only a fraction of her challenges in finding work.  Her depression and self-esteem issues added to these concerns making it even more difficult to conjure up the confidence to apply for jobs.

In addition to this, cross cultural barriers were apparent to Sairul, as she felt that sometimes her religious beliefs and traditional dress imposed on her job interview success rate.

With all this in mind, Job Coach Sarah duly acknowledged Sairul’s situation. Together, they made a practical job plan and agreed that a one-on-one interview training session would benefit Sairul. This would not only give her renewed skills but would keep her mind active and ready for the interview.

In contact appointment with Job Coach Sarah, Sairul admitted to having a flair for housekeeping, which was regarded by Sarah as a transferable skill, feeding into commercial cleaning. Sairul and Sarah set their sights and created the realistic goal of obtaining employment within commercial cleaning.

Their relationship was positive with Sarah remarking, “It was a pleasure to be able to work with Sairul towards her goals of achieving employment”.

Sarah was persistent in making contact with possible employers on Sairul’s behalf.  Sarah also said, “Í was able to motivate Sairul into wanting to work and I assisted her by building on her self-esteem”.

According to Sarah, Sairul’s journey has been long and sometimes emotional for her. Sarah said, “With

determination, dedication and the right coaching, we were able to successfully assist Sairul in obtaining suitable employment”.

Sarah included, “Sairul cried when I told her that she had obtained the position as a commercial cleaner. She was so excited to be given the opportunity to be able to work again”. She could not stop thanking Sarah from atWork Australia.

Sairul believes that if she had not been linked in with her Job Coach, she would still be unemployed. She is so happy that she has support with resume writing skills, interview, presentation and motivational competencies.

“I still cannot believe that I have a job, I am so happy that I don’t have to fight each week with paying bills and buying food for my family to eat. Sarah you have been the best help and I am so forever grateful for your efforts and the staff at atWork Australia”.

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