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A life of hardship and health restrictions has not held Jayden back from chasing his dream and successfully gaining employment in security. He had been consistently applying for roles over a two-year period but had been unable to find a suitable role. Jayden felt his bi-polar disorder was restricting his options so sought the assistance of the Mandurah branch of atWork Australia.

Jayden was introduced to Job Coach Lauren, who could immediately see his potential and his obvious determination to find a permanent role in the security industry.

“Jayden was quite shy and lacked confidence when I first met him but he has blossomed since that day. He was also very well presented, had many skills we could work with already and a passion for the security business,” Lauren said.

Lauren and Jayden worked together on his résumé, cover letter and interview skills to help him work toward securing an ongoing role. atWork Australia also helped Jayden with clothing and shoes, plus assistance with fuel to ensure he could get to an interview.

Lauren applied for a Security Guard position on behalf of Jayden through SEEK. The application was successful and after the interview process, and much to Jayden’s excitement, he got the job.
Jayden and his family were so proud of his achievements they sent photos to Lauren on his first day, wearing his new uniform and with a new haircut.

“Lauren was so kind to me and had so much faith in my ability to get myself somewhere in my life. She was helpful and spent so much time helping build my confidence and the skills I needed to succeed,” says Jayden.

Incredibly grateful for the opportunity, Jayden adds, “Thank you atWork Australia and thank you Lauren. It only took three weeks for me to get a job and I will never forget all you have done for me.”

Jayden has been in his new role for over three months now and he continues to stay in touch with atWork Australia, who will provide ongoing support for as long as he feels he needs it.

atWork Australia are there every step of the way, ensuring all our clients find good, meaningful work, just like Jayden did. Let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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