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atWork Australia is a leading employment services provider, whose cost free services support people living with disability, injury or health condition to find good work.

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Every year, we help thousands of people living with disability, injury or health condition find meaningful work.

We can help you look for:

  • Work that reflects your interests and goals
  • Work that matches your abilities and skills
  • Work that helps you get what you want out of life

We provide a holistic service to maximise your strengths and abilities, and make a difference in your life. You’ll receive:

Job coach-Teal

A dedicated Job Coach
You’ll get your very own Job Coach, there for you from start to finish, providing support to gain a sustainable career


Health and wellbeing coaching
Our own program, Positivum™, proven to make a difference in people’s lives


Access to employers looking for you
From our network of employers who are ready to hire


Access to in-house allied health professionals
Focused on building abilities and matching yours to great employment opportunities, should you need them


Support once you start working
You’ll get your very own Job Coach, there for you from start to finish, providing support to gain a sustainable career

Our promise to you

We make sure that signing up with us isn’t a job in itself, and we make things as easy as possible for you throughout your job search journey.

We have great flexibility in how we work together, including the ability to meet virtually, to make your job hunt as simple as possible.

We promise to work with you to take into account your individual situation, listen to you, help you focus on your needs and strengths and set employment goals that are best for you.

DES is a practical, friendly and free service. Read about the clients who’ve joined us and successfully found work here.

How does it work and how can I get started?


Set your employment goals

Finding a job

Understand the local job market

Education and training

Prepare a great CV

Ongoing support

Ace the interview

Interview prep

Secure the right job

Jeni is on a high with her new career

“I feel like I am getting back to being myself again and that life has improved 100%,” she says.

DES Job Coach

Redundancy at any stage can be harrowing and for 64-year-old Jeni, after 10 years with the same employer, it was completely devastating. The talented cook from regional Victoria was suddenly let go in 2017, having a dire effect on her mental wellbeing and slowly eroding her self-esteem. She then suffered a debilitating fall in 2019 and broke her hip. As a result, she was on strong pain killers for more than six months, while also taking medication for a heart complication, all of which added to her anxiety and lack of confidence.

When Jeni was referred to the atWork Australia Shepparton office, she still required a walking stick for mobility. She was introduced to Job Coach, Brad who immediately knew their first steps would be to grow her self-confidence.

Brad says, “Jeni told me that she gets nervous at the thought of approaching employers and doing paid employment after three years out of work. She also felt her age would impact her options but I assured her there are no barriers to employment.”

Firstly, they worked through what Jeni felt she could do, and what she felt would be beyond her capabilities. They talked both short and long-term goals and discussed how important exercise was for the muscles supporting her hip, and also Jeni’s mental health.

Brad’s experience as a Job Coach has given him plenty of employment contacts and having worked with Jeni on building her confidence, felt she was ready for her next step. He approached Sabac on High, a local retailer who is always open to partnering with atWork Australia.

Jeni was overwhelmed when she heard she had the position with Sabac on High and is incredibly grateful to Brad and the atWork Australia team.

Wondering if you’re eligible for Disability Employment Services?

If you meet the requirements below, you may be eligible for Disability Employment Services.

Please call us on 1300 080 856 to find out more.

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